The Graham Norton Showgeektv

Popular Irish comedian Graham Norton brings his trademark quick wit and flamboyant style to his self-titled talk show, which is devoted to his love of celebrity gossip, off-beat humor, and all things quirky. Following a similar pattern as most other late-night comedy shows, THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW opens with a monologue, in which Norton offers commentary on a range of topics including current events, celebrity goofs (with the British royal family as the butt of many of his jokes), and personal anecdotes. After that, he introduces his two guests, who join him on the shows homey set for the rest of the hour. Norton trades playful banter and clever quips with his willing celeb victims and toys with members of the live audience, often choosing people to join him onstage for games, skits, and stunts. Some episodes also feature a musical guest, who performs toward the shows end.