Live Free or Diegeektv

LIVE FREE OR DIE is a docuseries about five individuals who are choosing to leave modern life behind in exchange for a primitive and natural lifestyle. It features Colbert, a former financial analyst and expert trapper who left a suburban lifestyle for the Georgia wetlands after divorcing and going bankrupt; Gabriel, who lives a nomadic life between Californias mountains and coast; and Thorn, a former school teacher who is building a life in a remote area of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Also living in the mountains are Tony and Amelia, who work hard to maintain their minimalist Appalachian home by working the land and foraging for food. They all abide by a code that rejects the conveniences of modern civilization and willingly struggle to find food, earn money for basic expenses, and cope with a lot of discomforts to live a life that they consider to be truly free. Throughout each episode, information is given about the modern way foods and other resources are processed and controlled.