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Up in Canada, where diamond mining companies like DeBeers have set up shop digging through the ice for riches, a hearty group of men make a living driving trucks over frozen terrain, taking serious risks to feed their families and feel the thrill of danger. ICE ROAD TRUCKERS follows the day-today lifestyle of the guys who dare to drive the treacherous roads, as well as those who keep their trucks and roadways in good working order. With a mix of on-the-road footage and interviews with the truckers and their families, this illuminating series offers a peek into an occupation most of us have never even heard of.

S10 Episode 9: The Convoy2016-09-30 23:32:33
S10 Episode 8: Hell Nino2016-09-24 07:27:34
S10 Episode 7: Into the Fire2016-09-17 09:54:08
S10 Episode 5: The Rookie2016-09-03 00:55:24
S10 Episode 4: Trial By Ice2016-08-29 00:51:50
S10 Episode 3: Breakdown2016-08-20 01:12:24
S10 Episode 2: Feeling the Heat2016-08-13 01:53:54
S10 Episode 1: Against All Odds2016-08-13 01:51:11