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Teachers US S2 E15 — Hot Date

Irreverent sitcom TEACHERS takes place at New Jersey's Filmore High School, where the \"zany\" faculty includes rule-breaking, womanizing English teacher Jeff (Justin Bartha); his sidekick, drama teacher Calvin (Deon Richmond); prim, dedicated teacher Alice (Sarah Alexander); veteran teacher Dick (Phil Hendrie); and Matt Winston as nerdy tattletale Mitch, who worships Principal Wiggins (Kali Rocha). The action revolves around Jeff, who, on the surface, appears to be the most apathetic of all the faculty members and spends his free time playing golf in the classrooms -- even when there's a class in session. Jeff is also a party guy focused on scoring women, and he makes blatant sexual overtures to Alice every chance he gets. She flatly turns him down each time, so when a new opportunity presents itself -- in the form of sexy substitute teacher Tina (Sarah Sashi) -- Jeff tries his moves on her to make Alice jealous. Despite Jeff's convincing façade as a wisecracking ladies' man who takes nothing seriously, viewers sometimes glimpse a different side of him: a guy who really cares about his students' education and perhaps even yearns for a serious relationship with a woman.