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Mom S5 E10 — A Bear and a Bladder Infection

Christy doesnt have to remember the mistakes of high school -- shes still living with them. Shes a waitress instead of the psychologist she wanted to be. She has two kids, including a precocious teen. And shes only now starting to see eye to eye with her blithe floozy of a MOM (Allison Janney), who was too busy snorting cocaine and gallivanting with men to notice what her daughter was up to while she was growing up. Christy doesnt have it easy, particularly since shes newly sober. At least she has the support of her pals in Alcoholics Anonymous. But with daughter Violet smoking pot and sneaking her boyfriend in and out of her bedroom, her grade school son wishing wistfully for more mom time, and mother Bonnie causing behind-the-scenes complications with her difficult personal life, Christys facing an uphill battle.