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Broad City S4 E10 — Friendiversary

Watch Broad City Online. Broad City Streaming. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are real-life friends in New York whose original web series BROAD CITY is now a half-hour show featuring the pairs semibiographical antics under executive producer Amy Poehler. Both Abbi and Ilana have dead-end jobs: Abbi at an upscale gym, Soulstice, where she longs to teach spin classes but is instead given her very own toilet plunger by her smug, yoga-catchphrase-mouthing boss. Ilana works at a Groupon-like service doing sales, but she takes a lot of breaks and is in a happily casual relationship with her friend Lincoln (Hannibal Buress). During their off hours, the friends video-chat with each other, make plans for parties and concerts, stalk cute neighbors, and generally pal around in ways that real-life young women will probably relate to.