90 Day Fiancegeektv

90-DAY FIANCE is a reality docuseries that follows select cross-border couples as they spend the first 90 days together in the United States. Five men from different parts of the country are engaged to women they met while abroad or online. Their fiances, who come from towns in Columbia, Brazil, Russia, the Ukraine, and the Philippines, are now in the United States on K-1 visas (a 90-day visa for foreign fiances of American citizens), and are living with them. By law, the couple must marry within the 90-day period, or the brides-to-be will be deported. Faced with culture shock, language barriers, and the suspicions of the groom-to-bes family and friends, each woman must determine if 90 days is enough time to really know if she should make the life-changing commitment and tie the knot with the man she loves.